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Eddie in a Better Light

by David
(Istanbul, Turkey)

Duvet Dog

Duvet Dog

Here is Eddie who rates up there with the coolest living beings on earth. I know that everyone believes their own JR to be the best and I am no exception. I could talk hours about him and not care if the other person was even listening. I haven't had this much joy since the birth of my son 21 years ago. Eddie Yu R da dog!!! The picture with him in bed is not set up. He does actually sleep like that along with my wife and I. He is in the middle and if he gets disturbed a little growly reminder can be heard- although he wouldn't bite a flea. He has a great nature and although he has taken to barking in a just-out-of-the-loonybin-for-the-weekend- kindofway I believe it is only a phase. He is excellent and I could never find a replacement of his ilk. Forget Obama, McCain and Erdogan or Brown, I vote Eddie for world leader!!

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Jul 29, 2008
I Agree!
by: Anonymous

Yep Oya he is the BEST!

Jul 29, 2008
I Love Eddie!
by: Oya Mearns

He is my SON!!!!!

Look at him!


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