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How can you stop your JRT from barking?

An electric dog collar for about two weeks. The dog is smart enough to figure it out from there. Mine stopped after about 11 days so I don't use it anymore. Her barking hasn't been a problem in months.

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Mar 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

Perhaps. But not any crueler than listening to the deatbeat neighbor's dogs yapping 24/7.

Dec 01, 2008
Barking Collars
by: Anonymous

I am sure my JRT has the loudest bark on the planet, I have an ultrasonic collar which stops the barking straight away but as soon as you take it off , he starts again. He has figured out what the collar does and will try and bite if I put it on. A tine with pebbles in it to rattle when they bark can work too, but JRT's usually challenge everything you try to do. Barking is a big problem.

Jul 27, 2008
Save Money No Bark Collar Needed
by: Anonymous

Use a spray bottle with vinegar in it. Let the dog know you understand why it's barking, then say no bark if he continues spray him. My dog trainer recommended this method and it worked for me. You won't need the bottle forever just till he understands what no bark means.

Jun 10, 2008
Barking Dog
by: mary-harborview jrts

First ask yourself, why is the dog barking, BORDOM is the reason, most bark. SOMETHING TO BARK AT; Is there something within his sight that he wants to get to?

More exercise would definitely help. A bored Jack Russell will bark, and get into things you don't want him to and could harm him. Check his hearing. He could have a hearing problem and barks just to hear something. Try a whistle. when he barks, you blow the whistle and tell him NO. and then give him something to occupy his mind and mouth.

A bark collar is not cruel if it is used correctly. I don't use the bark collar that goes off automatically when the dog barks. I have used the one where I control when the dog needs correction. DOGS BARK, but if you have done everything else you can think of or your vet can think of, then you may have to use a bark collar be sure to find out how to use it humanely. Never just put an automatic collar on and let it do the work you should be doing.

Feb 06, 2008
by: DEA


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