Jack Russel

Lilee May

by Sarah Jayne
(Coon Rapids, MN)

Born on May 31, 2009. Typical little stinker. Always trying to keep her from getting in to stuff. It still makes me laugh every time she gets her mouth on a pen, kleenex, my skrunchies, and much more! We take her up to our lake home on the weekends. When we throw one of her many balls across the room, she runs so fast for it that she slides in to the wall on the other side of the room. Yesterday my mother bought her a pink and black winter jacket deal that she tried to bite off. She kept going in circles for like five minutes. Made my mother and I cry it was so funny. We bought her a T-Shirt when she was 8 weeks old that says IT'S ALL ABOUT ME, DEAL WITH IT that she just now fits in. My brother gave her this stuffed dinasaur that is all most twice her size and she just loves it! Drags it all over the room and up on our bed.

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